10 Tips on Street Photography by Pau Ll. Buscató

Pau Ll. Buscató is a street photographer based out of Barcelona, Spain, now roaming the streets of Oslo, Norway. We love his style (one of his NYC shots is the cover of this year’s EyeEm Festival & Awards) so we asked Pau to share some of his tips on how to get into taking photos on the streets.

From the desk of Pau Ll. Buscató:

Street Photography is difficult and demanding, but at the same time very rewarding when you collect the fruits of your hard work. It asks you to be 100% into it but the average rate of really successful shots is around 0,1% or less. That means you’ll need a lot of patience and persistence.

The EyeEm team asked me to write a list of important things to have in mind when approaching this kind of photography, and here are 10 that have helped me in both practical and more inspirational ways. Scroll down to read them!

1. Avoid gear distractions

Minimising your photo equipment to the basics will help you focus on what really matters: the photographs. Pick one camera/lens and stick to it for a long time in order to master it and use it instinctively on the streets.


SOURCE (http://blog.eyeem.com)