'The Man maketh the image (or women)'. 

I know many of us  megageekles like to point out the benefits of pixelcount and distortion ratio and Zeiss vs this or that. Sufice to say way back In 2001 Professionalas all salivated over the Nikon D1X and its 5.3 effective mega-pixels. Everything proffesional fashion, Sports, Social documentary, whatever was shot using it so end of story. 

Now that gripes out of the way, and we all agree great pictures have been taken on below par equipment (compared to todays standards), I will say, sometimes 'Equipment does Maketh the Man (or women) kinda'  

Sam Herd is one talented photographer and although he primarily does weddings, he just nails a Portrait whenever he has the oportunity. One part of his kit is an interesting one, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2. It has helped create a style and look like a fingerprint on his pictures. His diliberate choice of the Manual Nikkor definetly 'Maketh the Image'

Gary Sinise by Sam Herd

The Story

I overslept. A long night the previous evening judging a print competition for the Capital Hill Photographers group had me in bed way later than usual. I knew Gary Sinise would be speaking at the National Press Club 9am-10am for a breakfast luncheon, but had completely forgotten that driving down from Baltimore to DC in the mornings can be Amrgeddeon (see what i did there…?!). Out the door at 8:15am and who pulls in my driveway? None other than the electrician that was going to be doing work on my house the entire day! He needed me to run through the detailed list I had e-mailed him of all the work. So, there goes another 15 mins. 8:30am and I’m in my car. Pulling out I hear the nicest sounding nightmare I could imagine – gas alert sound came on as I was running on empty. Pull around to my closest gas station and it’s totally full. Pull around to the second closest and I finally put $20 in and speed away. Traffic is looking dicey. Puts me where I need to be at 10:11am – 11 mins after Sinise is done addressing the press and supposed to be doing photos. Tapping up my collection of Waze, Tom-Tom, Google Maps, and Apple Maps I decide that Tom-Tom would be the best approach and head on.


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