INTERVIEW // Rinzi Ruiz

Full name : Rinzi Ruiz

City and country where you live : Glendale, California, USA.

How you started with street photography?

It started with a general interest in photography and while searching online for tips, tricks and gear reviews I found a few websites describing what it was and the work of people that did it. It was around the middle of 2009 if I remember correctly and when I started going out to practice it I was hooked. It combined two things I enjoy doing, exploring and taking pictures. I found that going out to take pictures relaxed me and provided me the outlet of creativity I felt was missing in my life at the time. I went out as much as I could on the weekends or after work on some days. It became a passion.

Why street photography?

Earlier on it helped me learn how a camera works and then it helped me figure out myself. At times there’s a lot of walking and then thinking and solving problems going on in my head. At times it’s just instinct. Observing different environments and how people move about and interact opened up my perspective of life. There’s a challenge to street photography of getting a really good picture and then a bit more challenging to get a really meaningful one. It continues to help me learn about the hows and whys and keeps being an activity that I enjoy doing so I keep doing it.


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