Asilda by Anastasia Petukhova

PART ONE - The Goods ...

When everything around is digital, all we crave sometimes is that touch. We're consumed with constant meaningless updates all over us and forget what's important. The idea behind their products is to create something tangible that you can carry around as a reminder of what it's all about.

Asilda by Anastasia Petukhova is a company producing some spectacular assembly of finely designed Pins, Stickers and Patches with very often a 'Photographic' theme. Anastasia was kind enough to send us a few for our bags Blog Post.

As you can see the patches ROCK, I just love them. We all started fighting strait away over who wanted what when we had finished the article. A good sign of how good a product these really are.

The pins are lovingly crafted, solid, glossy and just the thing to add to your camera bag,strap, jean jacket or shirt collar. The patches we received all revolve around a photography theme of one kind or another. The graphic work is top notch and they really have put some good thought into not just the quality of the pins but the complete design themselves as well.

Not much more to say except if you are looking for something a little different to advertise your love of photography or perhaps a splash of color to a bag, strap or article of clothing, Asilda's  pins, stickers and or  patches are a definite way to go. We plan on adding a few of the patches to a Crumple Tondo backpack soon so until then get orderring

PART TWO - The Backpack Patch & Pin Extravaganza soon.

Source ( Matt Mangham Vimeo)