QUICK TIP // Shoot In Someone Else's Feet (Style)

A little while ago Jeremy told me about an interesting Instagram account called @drsmoothdeath, a photographer who has a very specific stream of photographs, namely old cars on the side of the street, shot on film including Kodak Ektar and Agfacolor. Check out his feed if you haven't and love shiny old school vehicles.

But the interesting I took away from his work is just how much we can fall into our own "style" and forget to think outside the box. After a while you can forget to experiment if you're not careful, and while this might be fine for some photographers, I always want to try things to see A) if I'm any good at it and B) to exercise my photographic eye to look for photographs I don't normally think of taking.

As such, I've been experimenting with @drsmoothdeath's subject matter through my own eyes and it's been really enjoyable! To process, I've been using my staple VSCO diet of Kodak Portra 160 NC for colour and Ilford HP5+ for black and white versions.

Here's a few examples of my own approach to the subject of cars on the street. See more black and white street photography on my website at www.nickbedford.com/blog or visit @nickjbedford on Instagram.