INTERVIEW // Photographer Junya Suzuki

Junya Suzuki, born in Japan in 1979, began taking photographs in 2009. He is a street photographer based in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan. His interest focuses how picture elements connect at the same place at the same time. The faces may have turned to the same direction, or may have turned in a different direction. However, the connections in their emotions fill the space as an attractive photograph. He continues shooting to pursue the goal to document real facts of everyday life, adding his own expression of surrealism, lyrics, and humor.


You talk about connection and seeing how in everyday life, everyone and everything in existence is connected. How do you like to convey these thoughts in your work?

We can find this connection in a visual way, like the same color and shape in things or subjects, this is quite interesting. I like to explore and share the connection of the feelings from the inside of a particular subject. I think that it is difficult for one photo to tell a deep and meaningful story. This is why this project consists of more than one single image. I believe the viewer, by seeing all of the images as a whole, will remember it well.

You reference Shin Noguchi’s work, whose work has also been featured on the Leica Blog, do you have other influences which have led you to your current photographic style?

I like the works of Martin Parr and Joel Sternfeld. As you know, their work is recognized all over the world. But I have received a more compelling influence from my friend. So I’d like to introduce as well a very talented photographer Mankichi Shinshi. He is also Leica M (Typ 240) user. His work have a sense of humor which is often created by the clever framing as well as the power of the subject. He and I won a Japanese competition by Einstein Studio. A magazine (JP_EN Issue.4) will be published at New York Art Book Fair and Tokyo Art Book Fair in September.



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