The Importance of Print In Photography

Photographer Daniel Milnor

With our upcoming PRINT SWAP MEET this Sunday I thought this an apt time to share this great clip expressing one photographer’s views on the printed image, a great vid enjoy.

There are two worlds of photography (1. on line only and 2. professional–covering many genres), and print is important no matter which world you find yourself in. Daniel Milnor discusses why it's important to print your work, how it helps you edit more effectively and some tips for printing your work.

Source (Advancing Your Photography Youtube)

QUICK TIP 6 // Using Smartphone Flash To Light Portraits

In this quick tip, we show how using a smartphone flash (iPhone in this case) can make an ambient portrait come alive by helping to separate the subject from the background.

Just watch the position of the light as it is a hard light source. For quick black and white portraits, it can be a great way to make a more interesting portrait.


No Frills HEADSHOT With & Without a Reflector

Quick Tip #2 in our ongoing no idea when we finish tutorial tips. So here we are again so the simplest head-shot EVVVER. Once again we have our trusty white wall and reflector. Whip out your camera set it to your largest Aperture you can focus on an eye whack a reflector camera left of light sorce (in this case our shop front window and ......BAAAAAMM.

Above we have no reflector (left) and with a reflector (right). We used the Leica Q set to a 50mm crop which is still a HUGE 8mp capable of 10x8" prints. All ya really need I say. A subtle but pleasing difference. Below is a basic diagram of the shooting location and the light direction

Crop above just for quality purposes. Nice and spanky. Now the final image below after Photoshop and some film emulation (thank you Exposure 7)

Not that it is needed but above is a crop of the eye area, nice and sharp.


So, a NEW regular feature which Nick and I have decided to do until we run out of brains. Every Monday  8;35 AM, we will post some random 'QUICK TIP' related to photography. Some lame, some brilliant, stay tuned and without further adieu ...

Harsh Light 30 Second Environmental Portrait

Over breakfast this morning (Sat 7th November) Nick and I decided to put up some quick low-fi photo tip just for kicks. We eventually decided on a Harsh Light Portrait scenario, an obvious problem when you live in sunny QLD. I am certain many of us have wished to take a portrait of someone in the middle of the day; the sun beaming down harsh as ever frying ones retina at any opportunity. You get the general idea.

So what do ya do? Simple, grab a wall in the shade and a reflector (white card whatever), place it on the ground leaning against something so as to angle the sun towards your subject (your bag would be a great leaning post). Fill in the shadows of your subject and shoot away, the rest is Lightroom.

There you have it, couldn't get much simpler really. Remember you can find anything white for a reflector. Hell, even some cardboard painted white or wrapped in cheap-ass silver-foil would do. Above are 3 examples of Nick Bedfords image post processed in Adobe Lighroom CC using the 3 separate VSCO presets.

What a HOOOOOT shot, it's obvious you need awesome models to get the best results.