LOCAL NEWS // Racquet Film Public Darkroom FUNDRAISER

We at WECC have been great fans of everything Racquet Films do, and getting a Public Darkroom off the ground is something we are going to cheer and yell about. With a few more "secrets" in the works, this is just the start of what we hope is a great ANALOG revival for all Brisbane Film Fans. We call all to arms and encourage all FILM shooters to help get this well-needed service off the ground ....workshop anyone.


Racquet Film began as a comission-free agency to help photographers make more money without paying fees. We've since expanded rapidly, with the opening of our full service lab (C41, B&W, E6 in 135, 120 and 220 formats, all done in-house). The demand for a public darkroom has become apparent, and the building directly next door of Racquet Film's lab and gallery is currently on hold. Racquet Film are willing to match the amount donated to cover the $18,000 bill to rent the space, and are taking donations to build a pro-grade darkroom that the entire Brisbane community can use. We'd be so greatful for any donation, big or small, whether it be money or darkroom equipment. Having spent four months in the shop, we've witnessed first hand the growth of film in Brisbane, and we want to continue to nurture this advancement, and think the expansion of services for the Racquet community is an amazing way to do this. 

100% of the funds will go toward darkroom equipment, associated bills and the other expenses it takes to make a professional darkroom worthy of public use. As previously mentioned, any donations would be greatly appreciated, and we are truly passionate about advancing film photography in Brisbane (the old school way).

Thanks in advance for your support, and feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


WORLD PRESS PHOTO 15 Brisbane Poweerhouse

Jimage erome Sessini

Jimage erome Sessini

See the personal and the political explored by award-winning photojournalists from around the world.

The 58th annual World Press Photo exhibition profiles the globe’s top press photographers and showcases the world’s best press photos in categories ranging from news to nature and portraiture photography.

This year 5,692 photographers from 131 countries submitted 97,912 images across eight categories in the competition.

The prestigious World Press Photo of the Year was awarded to Mads Nissen of Scanpix/Panos Pictures. The image shows Jon and Alex, a gay couple, experiencing an intimate yet dangerous moment in St. Petersburg, Russia – a place known for its firm anti-LGBTQ stance.

For LGBTQ communities in Russia, life is becoming increasingly difficult. Sexual minorities face legal and social discrimination, harassment, and even violent hate-crime attacks from conservative religious and nationalistic groups.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see some of the world’s most compelling photographs.

You’re invited to view the exhibit at the Opening Night Celebrations on Fri 07 August at 6pm.

World Press Photo receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored by Canon.

TIMES           Mon   9am–5pm   Tue–Sun 9am–9pm

VENUE         Brisbane Powerhouse Foyers + Turbine Studio


Local News // Text & image Issue one

TEXT&IMAGE is a great new 'West End' local street rag put out by a group of creative individuals of the same name. Founding members Grant Martin, Dane Beesley and Ben Marks have teamed up with some great local talent, and ISSUE ONE is the result. A great effort indeed, something they all should be f#$%@!& proud about

.Have a peek below and hunt your usual Street locals for your copy, congrats guys & Girls ... we at WECC give it a Thumbs Up....