DIY Adapter Allows GoPro Cameras to Use Interchangeable Lenses

GoPro cameras may be ready to migrate from helmets to film schools thanks to the Ribcage, an in-development assembly that allows the tiny action cams to be outfitted with interchangeable lenses.

Under production by Canada-based company Back-Bone, the Ribcage incorporates a mount for a “C” format 16mm camera lens, optics to fit the lens to the GoPro’s image sensor and accompanying circuitry to control the GoPro.


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Ice-cream stick DIY Large Format camera

by maximgrew

Along with all the CAD bits I am doing to create this camera, I also find it incredibly useful (and fun) to just build cameras out of whatever I can, I have learnt that the actual process of building a camera is just as rewarding as taking pictures with it. I also think you feel a much greater connection with your camera if it has come from your own hands, this is important to me as large format photography is all about taking your time and slowing things down, it can be a real escape from fast paced life. Here are some of the ‘prototypes’ I have created; it is amazing how simple or complicated a camera can be and how doing things like this smashes any misconceptions about cameras being super technical bits of kit.



DIY Monochrom ... kinda

We here at WECC love DIY stuff, so when someone yells 'DIY MONOCHROM'  the Leica Lover in me get's excites. Petapixel have posted an article about a guy who is doing just that ...kinnnnnda.

Dog Test

In October 2012, astrophotographer Raymond Collecutt of Whangarei, New Zealand shared a new (and risky) idea he was playing around with: converting a standard DSLR into a sharper monochrome camera for photographing space.


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