Book Review // On The Road by Daido Moriyama

by Jesse for japan Camera Hunter

Jesse’s book review, On the Road by Daido Moriyama

Jesse has had a little vacation, but now he is back with a great review of a great book. It is particularly hard to do reviews of such well known photographers when they have the weight of many words behind them, but Jesse covers the Moriyama piece wonderfully. Check it out.

“The title sold me.” That was my justification for randomly going with this retrospective Daido Moriyama book at Sokyu-Sha photo book store in Shinjuku. All Moriyama books at Sokyu-Sha are signed which was certainly an incentive in addition to having extra cash for a change. Obviously this isn’t the most coveted book by the photographer, his Bye Bye Photography (I will buy the reissueJ), Nagisa, and his Northern series should be much more desirable. Along with his recent New York series, this retrospective also carries a literary reference. On the Road was the name of the 1950s American road novel by Jack Kerouac (who did the introduction for Robert Frank’s The Americans) and Another Country for his New York series based on the James Baldwin bohemian novel.  It is with this I decided on On the Road since it has some of my favorite Moriyama photos including Stray Dog. Both of the novels were said to be a great influence on Moriyama in his youth.


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