REVIEW // HILLVALE Holiday Film & Canon A1

by Damien Woods

First Review post for 2019 has WECC Member Damien Woods sharing the brilliance of Hillvales latest Film stock….HOLIDAY



"I recently travelled to Scandinavia a few months ago and naturally bought a few extra rolls for my trip. Discovering Hillvale Lab in Melbourne had recently released their latest 'Holiday' stock, I got online a ordered a few rolls. Below are a number of samples I shot whilst travelling in Norway to Svartisen Glacier. With unpredictable weather conditions throughout Scandinavia we were blessed with sunshine that day. Shooting on my only working Canon A1 (1 out of 3) and the Canon 50mm f/1.4 SSC. With toasty warm colour saturation, a hint of fog in some shots, solar flares. I felt like this was the perfect film. I try to pick the film for what I'm shooting, I was glad my camera was loaded with Holiday."


36 Exposures

  • Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film

  • ISO 200/24° in C-41 Process

  • Fine Grain and High Sharpness

  • Wide Exposure Latitude

  • Film Stock Manufacture: Fujifilm C200 ???


Damien Woods, photographer (analog)


Contax G2 & Hillvale Sunny 16 -VS- Olympus Mju ii & Kodak Gold

Here is a quick CRAZY comparison, Jeremy was out shooting and ripped of these two shots from 2 different camera & film set ups.

  • Olympus Mju ii & Kodak Gold (35mm)
  • Contax G2 & Hillvale Sunny 16  (28mm lens)

Olympus Mju ii & Kodak Gold

So the Olumpus Mju ii is one HOT camera. It really is worth every cent. You could pick one up for about $60-$80 about a year ago, now expect to pay $150- $250. Still a hell of a lot cheaper than a Contax T2 or Nikon 28/35 Ti and with a razor sharp 35 f/2.8 lens in a weather sealed plastic clam-shell body, whats not to love (other than you need to switch the flash off every time you go to take a I love the Nion 28Ti). There is a lot to like about this camera. The image above proves it is a sharp little fella built to please.

Contax G2 & Hillvale Sunny 16

Contax G2 & Hillvale Sunny 16

Now the Contax G2 is like a DEMEGOD as far as I am concerned, lightning fast auto-focus razor sharp lenses which rival any of my Leica glass and one of the sexiest looking cameras evvvvver. I still have nightmares about "why did I sell my 4 lens kit and flash" chills seriously. Jeremy has provided a great example of the 28mm f/2.8's lens deadly sin 'direct sunlight' ..... ooouch.  Jeremy scanned these using our newly acquired Fugi Frontier SP3000 scanner we could not be happier. We are feeling like 'BIG men on Campus' at the moment and are happy to add it to the clubs arsenal obviously.  We love this scanner so expect to get more mindless and not so mindless random posts on scanning stuff over the next few months. 

I realize this was a crazy comparison as one has a 35mm, the other a 28 buuuuut look at the capabilities of that little Olympus & Hillvale's Sunny 16... sweeeetttttttt.

Point and Shoot cameras all the way