Gear News // Walter RX Eyepiece for your D Leica

Rangefinders can focus very accurately under most conditions, but unlike auto-focus cameras, put a greater demand on your own eyesight being good. If you wear contacts it's not a big deal - but what about eyeglasses? Let's be honest, it's a pain to shoot with glasses. So what options are there? Frankly, up until a short while ago - not much!

Enter the Walter RX Eyepiece - a custom designed eyepiece attachment that fully corrects for your vision specifically. In fact, it's so specific that you need to know your prescription when ordering one. A custom lens is then made and fitted. This eliminates the need for any diopter correction and may even eliminate the need for viewfinder magnifiers. More importantly, there's no longer a need to wear glasses while shooting!



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Gear Rveiew // The Leica M9 Practical Review by Eric Kim

This is a fairly Old article by Eric, November, 2011  to be exact. Although old,  Eric's article is a good start to answering some of the questions asked by WECC Members

Eric Kim


About a few months ago, I finally achieved one of my lifetime goals: purchasing a digital Leica (the Leica M9 to be specific). Although I was enthralled by the camera the first month I tested it (when Leica loaned me one for my Paris trip as well as a 35mm Summilux) the initial glitz and glamor faded away. However after shooting with one, I knew I wanted to get one nonetheless for a variety of reasons (explained in this article).

For this review I am going to give you my honest review of the camera, not focusing much on the technical aspects (other sites have already done this to death) but how it actually performs when it comes to shooting street photography. Considering that I have only been shooting with the camera around 3 months—I am not an expert with the Leica M9. However having shot with it enough when it comes to street photography, I am very confortable discussing how it performs when shooting on the streets.


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Gear Review // Leica Monochrome by Nelson Tan

It's no secret that my Dream camera is the Leica monochrome (one day), so I felt it appropriate to feed my own personal desire by posting in part, Petapixels review by Nelson Tan, titled 'Leica M Monochrom is Not Quite a Black and White Decision'. Great pics as well.

“Monochrome is the new color” The world was introduced to color photography when Kodak introduced the revolutionary Kodachrome film in 1935. But fast forward to 2012, Leica decided that “monochrome is the new color”, and wants to turn back the clock with a digital rangefinder that shoots only black-and-white for $7,995. At this point, I can hear you screaming, “That’s the silliest way of spending eight grand!”

To which I will prove you wrong, because I discovered Louis Vuitton sells a LV “Limited Edition” skateboard for $8,250. It comes with a Louis Vuitton trunk and it’s limited to 3 pieces in the world (probably because there are probably no more than three rich brats who will pay for that). So there – I’ve conclusively proven you could do worse than spending eight grand on a Leica M Monochrom.


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