The Complete Tokyo Camera Shopping Guide

by Bellamy Hunt


The Complete Tokyo Camera Shopping Guide
As many of you may know, I have written buyers guides on Tokyo, that have been very popular. But some have mentioned that they are hard to navigate on the site. I am a man who likes things to be uncomplicated, so I thought it might be nice of they were all in one place.

My Tokyo camera buyers guides are probably one of the most popular series of posts on the site, and I have met many people in Tokyo who have been shopping and have found what they need thanks to them. I am really happy to have people find what they want and have a nice time doing it.

The first guide is for Shinjuku and surrounding areas.

A little note about this is that Yodobashi camera has been left off the list. Yodobashi is the big boy in the area and sells everything. But only new, nothing used. This is the place to come for new cameras that may not be available outside of Japan. The film department is the stuff of legend, despite it shrinking in recent years.